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Ambassador Program

KidStrings Box

Welcome to our Ambassador Program 🎉

We go beyond just a referral program! It’s a great way to earn a little extra income.

Perfect for private lesson teachers with a growing studio of young string players, homeschools, and anyone who shares our mission to inspire, motivate and educate young string musicians.

Best of all it’s free to join, and easy to get started.

What’s in it for you?

First off, you’ll earn $5 on EVERY box your referrals purchase, for as long as they stay subscribed.

You get an account with your own custom links to share with your students & parents, perfect for studio newsletters, blogs, and social media.

And, we send you one FREE box!* so you can post your own photos and unboxing video to your social accounts, as well as use with your students.
*just pay $10 shipping

Ready to join? Just click the button below to sign up and get started!


What Subscribers Are Saying

Stacy, parent of a violin subscriber


“The Beethoven shirt has already been worn to school. That’s a stamp of approval!”

Suzi Busdiecker, parent of a violin subscriber


“We are amazed and blown away by this incredible box! My son told me he’s bringing the music from the box with him to his lesson on Tuesday because he can’t wait to learn to play it.”

Elizabeth Newquist, cello teacher


“I loved the different levels of music. It is perfect sightreading for my student who has been playing for four years. I was so excited to see the rhythm and bowing and extension practice.”